Miss A: (pointing out a scratch on her leg) "A crocodile bite me!"

Me: "Oh really? Where did you see a crocodile?"
Miss A: Anika "At the beach"
Me: (confused because we live on dry land) "What beach?"
Miss A: "at the river (Princess Island Park in Calgary where her Father took her on the weekend) a crocodile came out and bited me right there!"

Perhaps visitation needs to be re-visited?? LOL

Miss A Turns 3!

1095 days

1001 sleepless nights

1460 diapers

365 loads of laundry

3 black eyes

12 gallons of shampoo dumped down the drain

5 lbs of baby powder decorating the bathroom

675 temper tantrums

156 gallons of milk

1 orange crayon through the wash

2 tubes of mascara used as a marker

10,000+ hugs, kisses & "i love you's" makes every moment worth it.


Family Home Evening happens at the end of the week at our house because that is when we have all the kids together. Organized activities are still quite a challenge with the short age span of the children. (For those new to the blog, the children are almost 2, almost 3, 3, 4 & 5!).

Big Sexy had town meetings in Cardston today so that left me at home with the 5 kids. After the children emptied my linen closet, had a rambunctious tea party in the bathroom, spilled Cream of Wheat all over the floor, and cut up little peices of Big T's poop with plastic forks, I decided it was probably time to try one of those 'organized activities.'

So we spent the next hour or so brushing teeth, finding socks, breaking up fights, changing diapers and buckling seatbelts (and let me tell you what a challenge that is with 5 carseats in a car!). Off we went to the new SOUTH SIDE DOLLARAMA (we are very excited about this).

We filled our cart with poster boards, stickers, piggy banks and paints in preparation for our fun craft.

The kids were excited to open up their tiny ceramic piggies and paint to decorate their allowance jars. I'm going to put together some job charts today on poster boards that they picked out and when they complete their chores for the day, they put a quarter in their banks and can use it to buy all the fun goodies that can be found at Dollarama.